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What was I thinking?!
BallHype: hype it up! Monday, November 5, 2007
First off there is no denying that Ohio State deserves to be number 1 and LSU number 2 at this point despite all the rantings and raving from SEC fans about how amazing their conference is and a 1 loss LSU team surely must be crowned immediate national champions. While the conference is definitely tough, Ohio State has yet to succumb to the upset bug and trust me, there has been plenty of trap games they have avoided falling into this season. Against Michigan State, at one of the toughest venues around in Penn State, against a Badger team that doesn't seem to waver whether they're playing at home or in a war zone, and they're about to face the up and coming Illinois team that no one can deny is now talented enough to compete against even some of the mid major SEC teams. So as of this week, Ohio State stays on top and LSU watches from the number 2 spot. SEC fans should be happy that no one is paying much attention to actually how good the undefeated Kansas and 1 loss Oregon team really is.

Say good bye to South Florida's dream rise to the number 2 spot as they fall right out of the top 25 with yet another loss. The win at auburn early in the season was great, but so was Notre Dame's win at UCLA this year, but that doesn't make them a championship caliber team let alone a number 2 spot. This year's poll seems harder and harder to fill out as teams just seem to be falling to inferior opponents like flies. My theory is the Appalachian state win at Michigan extended far beyond the Wolverine nation and became a catalyst validating the rally cries of underdog coaches when they tell their teams they can actually win.

Whats more believable, a coach (Stanford for example) who continues to claim they can beat Goliath (USC) despite losing all the time? Or a coach (Stanford) who has Appalachian state to refer to when claiming to beat Goliath (USC)? Its true there has been numerous momentous upsets in the past, but the Appalachian state victory in the opening weekend of this season coupled with the dispersal of athletes among teams created a domino effect as the top 25 resembled a merry go round of BCS teams this year.

Well check out the official site of the blog at and let me know what you think of this week's whiteout top 25.
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