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BallHype: hype it up! Monday, December 10, 2007
It took long enough, but someone out there had to finally say it. The football world does not revolve around Michigan football. Yes, they are important. Yes, they are one of the winningest programs out there, but just like how Notre Dame can completely disappear from the face of the earth like this year, the college football world can become even more exciting and flourish. Can you remember a season of more memorable games and exciting upsets in your lifetimes?
"if the guy from Rutgers turned it down, why can't Les?" Skip Bertman (LSU athletic director)
I can already see the hordes of Wolverine fans headed to their local hardware stores for pitch forks and torches, but you had to have seen this coming. Lloyd Carr might have voluntarily 'resigned' following the Ohio State loss, but even my grandmother can see he was basically forced out. There was no option A or B for him. To be the first ranked team to drop out of the polls in losing to a subdivision Appalachian State team was the first of many signs of the eventual resignation. It was the loss to Oregon however, that placed the nail in his coffin. There was no turning back, I would not be surprised if he gave his 2-months' notice following the Oregon loss to Michigan.

But this is exactly the problem with Michigan football. They believe they are the center of the college football universe. The only fans that might be even more pompous would be Notre Dame fans, and they are a whole different animal. It is one thing to want a victory, it is another to demand it. Even as we speak, Wolverine fans are flooding forums and blogs demanding Bill Martin's head for blotching the Les Miles situation. Not once, do most of them actually consider the possibility that Les Miles would have eventually stayed at LSU. Yes, I've read the rumors about backdoor gestures towards Michigan that went unreturned, but even that did not guarantee Les Miles on the next flight to Ann Arbor.

Michigan, like their fans exist in their own bubble of self glorification. Simply the word Michigan can evoke a smug grin on their faces. And because of it, they expected coaches to line around the block in the cold with resumes in hand dying for the new opening in this mecca of college football. But eventually, the cold hard truth has Wolverine fans dismayed and angry. Even the coach at Rutgers, whose only 3 bowl appearances are under the current head coach in its program's existence, has turned down the job Wolverine fans deemed unattainable by mere mortals. The process is only going to get tougher on these Wolverine traditionalists. Eventually the athletic department will realize, that the word Michigan is not as powerful as they believe and cold hard cash is the way to go if they expect to lure a big name coach from either the NFL or another football program. They better learn it quick or soon we will see Wolverine fans headed for the nearest ledge of the highest bridge. To hear their holy grail is actually just another ordinary goblet will lead to mass panic in Ann Arbor.

Hey, I know the critics will point out that Penn State's resounding 'Joe Must Go' chant was heard just as recently as 2 years ago, but they must realize that while those doing the chanting might be short sighted morons, they did have a valid point. Joe Paterno came off his second losing season in a row and 4 in 5 years at that point. Lloyd Carr has been the definition of stable success in the Big Ten. He might not have been able to win the 'big one' but ask Alabama, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Miami if they won't be happy to have the success Lloyd Carr has had prior to his resignation. If Lloyd Carr couldn't cut it, boy does the next Wolverines coach have his work cut out for him.
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