Let it snow, let it snow
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Let it snow, let it snow
BallHype: hype it up! Wednesday, February 13, 2008
We've been getting snow and lots of it here at State College the last couple of days. And when you mix snow, lots of snow and Penn State you get:

Penn State students know how to deal with snow
in-bred trash from the backwards state of West Virginia
In a recent post, I managed to make mention of the state of West Virginia in referring to the backhanded ways of Rich Rod, the state's native son. The way I made mention of the state however, was intended to be more descriptive of the dirty man himself, but in a vent of fury, tossed the entire state into the blender. That was clearly not a fair assessment on my part and the state deserves better than such whimsical criticism or to be associated any longer with a man like Rich Rod.

Congratulations to Purdue for beating the Spartans. I was at the Penn State upset of the Spartans a few weeks ago, and they seemed to have the same bewildered look at the end of the game when they slowly lost control. This Michigan State team won't be making it deep into the tournament this year but I fear that Purdue won't either. I'm glad they are doing really well this year in the Big Ten, but their youth will show come tournament time when they face good quality teams day in and day out in grind it out matches. But I'll still be rooting for the Big Ten as always come March. (Explains why I never win the betting pool).
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