Why the world doesn't need Pryor
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Why the world doesn't need Pryor
BallHype: hype it up! Monday, February 4, 2008
Before I get into Pryor, I would like to thank Gopher Nation for picking our Power Poll this week as the most interesting read. I am insulted that we were deemed 'not exactly funny', but neither is supporting cancer, so I am fine with it.

With just under 24 hours to go, it almost feels as if the cities of Columbus, Ann Arbor, and State College are bidding for the summer Olympics and the announcement will be made tomorrow at noon. The fan bases will be thrilled, sending the winning town into a frenzy, and optimism for the next four years will never be higher.

EXCEPT, this is not a competition on any global scale, nor does it affect anyone outside of the Big Ten (except for possibl
y Oregon).

So what could possibly send hundreds of thousands of fans into a frenzy and leave thousands more in agony? The words of an 18 year old football player from Jeannette, Pennsylvania. Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn't it? Its true many have already dubbed him the next Vince Young with even faster speed and greater athleticism, but didn't Texas only win 1 national championship during the 3 years Vince Young graced their campus? Even the year they beat USC in the Rose Bowl for the championship, they barely escaped Texas A&M who was playing with a backup quarterback. So lets calm a bit down and put things into perspective. Yes, Pryor will be a great addition to any program, but not really worth all this hoopla. Granted I'll still jump up and down if he does pick up the Penn State cap tomorrow at noon, but I am honest enough to admit that it takes more than 1 player to bring back a national championship. I am not criticizing Pryor's abilities at all, there is a reason why he was chosen to be Parade magazine's top player this year, but lets not act like fools and treat this 18 year old like the next coming of Jesus either.

Michigan attempted to throw him a 'block party' when he went on his official visit to Ann Arbor in sub-freezing temperatures. People are wearing Lion, Buckeye and Wolverine jerseys to his basketball games and then theres the question of the corvette. Does this kid remind us of someone else entering college? A kid by the name of Marcus Vick whose fame exceeded his accomplishments at Virginia Tech. Yes, Pryor does not have an older brother who is running his own doggie Auschwitz, but he is in the same situation where college will be his first chance to be away from home. So lets see some production on the field before we allow Pryor's head to swell any bigger.

Theres no question that Pryor is a good kid, hell he can't even say no when people mail him stuff to sign. MAIL! As in chuck in the wastebasket and never hear back from them again. But in my honest opinion, Pyror is a smart kid. He has known where he wanted to go for a while now, and always had despite all the vacillation Rivals and Scout would like us to believe. A decision this big is not reserved for a one night sleep-on-it evaluation. He has talked to his parents, his friends, even his guidance counselor and because he is the nice kid he always is. He doesn't want to say no to Joe Paterno, Jim Tressel or Rich Rod until he absolutely has to. I don't want to assume that he will pick the Buckeyes (2 national championship trips in 2 years) for a quick easy ride to the National Championship where as he would work twice as hard if he picks the Wolverines or even the Nittany Lions, but if I had to put money, thats the spot I would place my chips.

Tomorrow will be a momentous day. But not for Buckeye, Wolverine, or Lion fans who despite what they believe have relatively little influence on the on-field accomplishments of their favorite teams, but for a young 18 year old who will decide where he will matriculate for the next 3, possibly 4 years of his collegiate career. Here's to hoping
he picks close to home for his family and friends to be able to actually watch him play most of his games. If not, I'll just be glad that I will enjoy watching Penn State linebackers introducing Pryor to the turf many-a-times.

Even in the NFL, 'Michigan Man' Tom Brady has to face Penn State pressure
(Way to go Jay).
Update: As of 10:00 pm on Tuesday night, reports that Pryor will not be signing on LOI day and will take an official to Penn State before announcing.
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