Shrine Bowl was a microcosm of Morelli's career
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Shrine Bowl was a microcosm of Morelli's career
BallHype: hype it up! Saturday, January 19, 2008
The following post is not mine, but was discovered in a Penn State forum written by someone under the title 'FireJayPa'
I usually refrain from actually posting anything from forums, but the following post had to be the most effective way anyone has ever described the disappointment that is Anthony Morelli. So enjoy:

Tonight's performance in the East/West shrine game was a pure microcosm of Morelli's career in the world of College Football. His lackluster performance of 2 complete passes out of 10 attempts for 10 yards with 2 interceptions was nothing new for Morelli.

Clearly tonight showed the nation , what most realistic Penn State fans have realized since Michael Robinson left. Morelli had the arm of Peyton Manning and the brain of the Scarecrow. When big passes were needed from the "unsung hero" of PSU , he came up short throwing behind receivers into double coverage. Late in the fourth quarter; with the game on the line and a 4th and 13 Morelli decided to run and came up a yard short; which is the story of his career...just a bit short.

I actually feel bad for Anthony, at any other program he would have been benched last year in the OSU game and could have began focusing hard on his academics upon realizing his shots of an NFL career were about the same as you or I. He could have focused on academics in relation to his major and looked towards new adventures and challenges; however due to the nepotism at Penn State; where a 3rd string highschool QB is now the guy that calls the passing plays, Morelli could not be benched. You see, because Jay Paterno is the QB coach; failure of Morelli would reflect in a negative light on the QB coach; so benching Morelli was never an option.

In any other program, either Daryl Clark or Pat Devlin would have had a real shot at being the starter this year; but as the story always goes at Penn State; Morelli "waited his turn...." so he gets the starting job by proxy. Just like an injured Zach Mills played over Robinson; Morelli played over Devlin and Clark.....

The last 2 years of Morelli ball were unfortunate; but it was to be expected with Jay Paterno at the helm. A 3rd string quarterback from State High, that never started a single game; yet managed to play at Penn State on the scout team is now coaching NFL capable talent. Jay Paterno, the same person whom would hide inside the Lasch Building during the "dark years", and then after the orange bowl said the critics could "kiss his bumm" , sat by and never really helped Morelli develop. Never was improvement seen; the game never seemed to slow down; he just ran around aimlessly , folding under the slightest of pressure.

In 4 years at Penn State he threw behind receivers; in front of receivers; into double and triple cover; didn't check down; didn't call audibles; and ran like a man in moon boots. He used games against the bottom feeders of division one to pad his stats, all the while struggling against every team in the big 10.

But it's ok , nepotism will continue to live in happy valley; despite being in the bottom 1/5th in respect to passing numbers since Jay Paterno became the QB coach; there will be no change... because well "it wouldn't be fair"

Well done FireJayPa, couldn't have said it better myself.

posted by Nittany White Out @ 11:27 PM  
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