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Too Easy
BallHype: hype it up! Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Too Easy
reads the first line of the local Myrtle Beach paper reporting on the national championship. Last night, anticipating a better game, I dragged my buddy to a local sports bar to catch the game rather than plant myself on the couch which I should have done instead. Down here in South Carolina, we are on the cusp of SEC country so I anticipated strong support for their SEC brethren LSU. To my surprise, we were actually surrounded by people rooting for the Buckeyes. One was a Penn State fan which probably like me is sick of hearing about this SEC speed. The others were Buckeye fans decked out in Ohio scarlet and gray.

By jumping to a quick 10-0 lead which included a Beanie Wells sprint down the sidelines which the 'speedy' LSU defenders couldn't catch up to and a wheel route down the sidelines which eluded more speedy LSU defenders, we were pretty content with ourselves. But that's when it just went downhill. LSU point after point and hester run after run only sucked the air out of the Buckeye support and soon even before the fourth quarter began I had to leave the bar. Turning to the Buckeye fans next to me, I handed them the pitcher of beer we could no longer finish because I had to get out of there and said "I've watched the game last year and I just can't watch it again." By the time I returned home, Ohio State had cut the lead to two touchdowns but threw yet another interception.

And it begins all over again:
Ohio State is now 0-9 in bowl games against the SEC -- not a reasonable stat when you consider the two leagues, the prestige and quality of athletes and coaches at Ohio State. - ESPN
Because next year's BCS National Championship Game will be played in Miami, and the Ohio State Buckeyes aren't invited. Especially if the Southeastern Conference champion is invited. - Pat Forde
The Big Ten, by contrast, has been the baby's crib. Ohio State has coasted through that league 15-1 the past two seasons, only to collapse in the face of an SEC champ with a lower BCS standing and a worse record... he should know not to bring that weak Big Ten stuff back to the BCS National Championship Game again next year. - Pat Forde
Indeed, Monday's beatdown hatcheted straight through the core of Ohio State's program and the Big Ten conference. Both carried iffy reputations into the BCS championship – the Buckeyes because of their lack of wins against high-quality opponents, the Big Ten because of its 5-10 record in bowl games the past two seasons. - Jason King
It was another listless BCS mismatch, Louisiana State not even needing a truly great performance to beat Ohio State 38-24 in a game with little drama after the second quarter - Dan Wetzel
Georgia's president is hooting and hollering for an 8 game playoff because they were fortunate enough to go on a hot streak to end the season and clearly called out the Rose Bowl:
"If one of those bowls chooses not to participate, another game could be found to fill the void,"
This would therefore most likely mean leaving behind the Pac-10 and Big-10 champions behind in this proposed 8 game playoff and would almost never happen despite what all the SEC fans believe should happen following another Ohio State disaster.
Everyone else should form their Plus One and let the Big Ten and Pac-10 return to an era gone by and compete solely in the Rose Bowl if they so please. Yes, the Rose Bowl conceivably could produce a better matchup – say if Ohio State and USC entered unbeaten – but that would be a worthy risk for everyone else. Most years the Rose Bowl would be marginalized by the real tournament. - Dan Wetzel
So let the bashing continue for yet another year. And for all those Michigan fans who thought their 'rivalry' is more important than the interest of the Big Ten as a whole? If Michigan goes undefeated next year, they better be begging for a spot in the title game because they won't be handed one. So much for protecting their 'rivalry'.

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