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BallHype: hype it up! Friday, January 4, 2008
Forbes just released the top 20 most valuable college football programs and while most of the data is to be expected, there are some staggering details:

Value Conference 2007 Bowl Destination / Record
1. Notre Dame
$101 million Independent
Not bowl eligible (3-9)
2. Texas
$92 million Big 12
Holiday (10-3)
3. Georgia
$90 million SEC
Sugar Bowl* (11-2)
4. Michigan
$85 million Big 10
Capital One (9-4)
5. Florida
$84 million SEC
Capital One (9-4)
6. LSU
$76 million SEC
National Championship* (11-2)
7. Tennessee
$74 million SEC
Outback (10-4)
8. Auburn
$73 million SEC
Chick-fil-A (9-4)
9. Alabama
$72 million SEC
Independence (7-6)
10. Ohio State
$71 million Big 10
National Championship* (11-1)
11. Oklahoma
$70 million Big 12
Fiesta Bowl* (11-3)
12. South Carolina
$69 million SEC
Not bowl eligible (6-6)
13. Penn State
$69 million Big 10
Alamo (9-4)
14. USC
$53 million Pac 10
Rose Bowl* (11-2)
15. Arkansas
$53 million SEC
Cotton (8-5)
16. Texas A&M
$50 million Big 12
Alamo (7-6)
17. Washington
$50 million Pac 10
Not bowl eligible (4-9)
18. Nebraska
$49 million Big 12
Not bowl eligible (5-7)
19. Michigan State
$44 million Big 10
Champs Sports (7-6)
20. Wisconsin
$43 million Big 10
Outback (9-4)
  • Penn State at #13 is more valuable than USC at 14? USC the annual national title contender is $16 million less valuable than a team that has yet to beat Michigan in 9 straight tries?
  • Notre Dame is college football's most valuable team?! I thought the Catholics were a very giving and sacrificial bunch? Oh wait, that's right, what was I thinking. Though I bet NBC's thrilled with this year's Irish bunch.
  • 8 SEC teams and 5 Big 10 teams make up the 20 most valuable college football teams. Boy its not even a question as to what 2 college conferences define college football does it. The Big 12 comes in third with just 3 teams, Pac 10 with 2 teams, and Independents with 1.
  • Not a single ACC or Big East team made the top 20. Surprising especially with teams like Florida State, Miami and Clemson in the ACC and historically relevant Syracuse and Pittsburgh in the Big East.
Way for Notre Dame to prove what douche bags they are once again. Like the Yankees of baseball, they have the most money to invest in the program and produce as little as humanly possible without completely falling apart. But luckily for the Golden Domers, at least the MLB requires the Yankees to play themselves into the post season and if they don't they save themselves the humiliation. The Irish are handed a spot in the BCS the moment they qualify like the spoiled brat who feels entitled to all that holy on God's green earth. The only thing an Irish fan should be thankful for this season is that they finally are bad enough to not humiliate themselves in the post season. Hey, that's more vacation days for Charlie Weis to count the undeserved money he's stealing from the almighty 'Catholic' institution.
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