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Mid Major Disaster
BallHype: hype it up! Thursday, January 3, 2008
Congratulations BCS, you have given us exactly what most of us expected when you tossed Hawaii into the BCS mix. Why do I say that? We have Hawaii to thank for a USC-Illinois matchup instead of a more evenly matched USC-Georgia matchup.
ABC/ESPN officials, mindful of the southern TV markets that would tune in to watch SEC players do situps, pushed for the Bulldogs to receive strong consideration.

But Georgia really wasn't an option after Missouri lost in the Big 12 title game, boosting LSU into the BCS championship. Without LSU, the Sugar Bowl lost its Southeastern Conference anchor.

The Rose Bowl retained the first at-large selection because Ohio State finished ahead of LSU in the BCS standings. But Rose Bowl CEO Mitch Dorger said he would have had to ask the Sugar Bowl for permission to release Georgia.

Dorger wasn't about to do that because the Sugar Bowl is its partner in the BCS. And with Hawaii in the game, the Sugar Bowl needed a SEC opponent to fill seats in New Orleans.
So once again, in the interest of allowing this 'mid major' phenomenon to fester like a bad odor you just can't seem to find the source of, we are going to get an annual dose of the 'can they actually pull it off matchup'. Hell if not, try again next year. I am sick of the mid-majors trying to crash the party. If they want to be taken seriously, invest the money, the infrastructure and gain the fan base like every other power has, hell even South Florida did it in less than a decade. Quit whining and earn your way in like everyone else instead of asking for your free ride. Don't think Penn State would have gone through Hawaii's schedule undefeated?

Congratulations are in order for Oklahoma on becoming the new Notre Dame of bowl games. To be beaten by West Virginia is one thing, to be dominated and humiliated is another. Way to not make yourselves look like jackasses when you wanted the national championship game because you beat an overrated #1 team in the Big 12 championship.

On a lighter note, reason why the Rose Bowl continues to uphold their Big 10-Pac 10 tradition? A whopping 12.0 nielsen rating despite a blowout compared to 7.9 in the SEC annual tie-in BCS game. Even the Capital One bowl with Michigan and Florida earned a 9.9 nielsen rating higher than last year's Oklahoma-Boise State Fiesta Bowl classic. Numbers talk people, if people around the country don't give a rats ass about your team, don't whine and cry about missing out in the Big Party.

Chances are the Virginia Tech-Kansas matchup should be more intriguing. Hell they've had 4 shots at this, odds are they've gotta get one right. Lets go State!

Update: I have to admit I was prematurely stressed over the idea that Bradley would be whisked away to Morgan town but thanks to the West Virginia domination of the Sooners, we can effectively bury that rumor.
posted by Nittany White Out @ 9:19 AM  
  • At January 3, 2008 at 11:39 AM, Blogger JB said…

    Great content, i'm quickly becoming a big fan. Keep it up man!

  • At January 4, 2008 at 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oklahoma is the new ND...I like it. They sure has been laying eggs in the BCS games...besides their one championship they've been blown out a few times and were upset in an incredible game.

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