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Happy New Year
BallHype: hype it up! Saturday, December 29, 2007
I know blogging has been brief, but I'm spending my time in good ol' South Carolina for the warm weather thanks to a good buddy who's got a place by the beach. So until after the new year, it will continue to be brief. But before I retire my blogging before the 2007 calendar year, here's a list of Big Ten new year resolutions:

Illinois - The Illini New Year's resolution is to avoid the Wisconsin syndrome. Yes Illini faithful, we know you're all excited about doing great this year, but have we all forgotten Wisconsin in 2006, or Penn State in 2005, or Purdue and Iowa in 2003 and 2004... The list is endless. Every year, there is one team that exceeds expectations, the media defines it as the first stepping stone to an era of greatness, but all too often teams simply simmer to mediocrity and fade into insignificance. Unfortunately for the Illini faithful, they are the 'it' team this year, and like a comet, they will simply pass us by. That's not to say they won't be a bowl team next year, but like Wisconsin they better relish their Rose Bowl trip this year.

Iowa - to bleed as much value out of coach Kirk's annual contract as possible. Common guys, he's getting the highest base salary in the Big Ten's collection of future hall of fame coaches (Jim Tressel, Lloyd Carr, Ron Zook, Joe Tiller, Barry Alvarez, and now Rich Rod) and you guys can't put together a good season since his 2 Big Ten championship runs? Luckily for Iowa, Minnesota is getting an even worse deal with their one win coach this year.

Michigan - Hey at the rate you're going, here's to the new Block M at Michigan. I know someone else probably already thought of that, but I am not claiming to be original here guys.
Common guys, there are over 100 universities around the nation and your 2 new coaches at the two highest profile sports in your university are from the same university. And West Virginia, no less? I know Rich Rod was a good hire, but its like asking a hibachi chef run a gourmet Italian restaurant. You're Michigan, what are you guys doing trying to employ a gimmicky spread type offense. At least it'll make for some great laughs next year watching the Wolverine faithful act like they're thrilled with the spread.

Ohio State - Hey, nothing will propel Ohio State into the new year more than a win against LSU in their backyard. I was watching the Penn State game here in Myrtle Beach at a Sports Bar and an Ohio State fan walks in with his buddy, a Notre Dame fan. Surprisingly, throughout its decade of existence, all this criticism of the Big Ten's weakness and alleged lack of speed has galvanized Big Ten fans across the board to come together and he was actually rooting for Penn State. I've never been a 'conference' guy due to Penn States' years of independence. It was more of a root for Penn State and hope everyone else loses type mentality. But surprisingly since last year, I've found myself rooting for Big Ten teams to punish their bowl opponents and anyone else playing a SEC team. So when the clock counts down to 0 and the champaign is flowing this year, here's to hoping for Buckeye, Wolverine, and Badger victories.

Penn State - To add a few more pages into the offensive play book. Penn State actually showed a sign of life in their offensive play calling with the infusion of Daryl Clark's running ability. And with news that D. Clark will have 2 more years of eligibility, this could be the future of Penn State football especially with strong arm Pat Devlin waiting under his wings. Think back to Penn State in 2005 and I am already giddy for next year. If you can put points on the board, Penn State's defense will usually finish the job.

Purdue - Whatever happened to that famed Boilermaker D? It seems that the last 2 years, the Boilermakers have been great on offense and dismal on defense. They have become the Big East team in a Big Ten conference and hence are unable to win more games. Here's to hoping they pick up their D and become bowl eligible next year.

Wisconsin - And boy did Wisconsin lay two goose eggs this year. Ranked as high as #5 until they were gut punched by Illinois and then destroyed by Penn State (yes, they were both great teams this year, but Wisconsin entered the year as a favorite to win the Big Ten). Seems like the Bret B's love fest is about to fizzle real soon. I'm still sore about his decisions to run offsides TWICE to kill time off the clock back in 2006 and I think that's highly disrespectful as a coach (especially in his rookie season) to show such disdain for what's great about college football. It is what makes us better than those southern teams in the SEC. We play tough, we play hard and we play fair (referees aside), coaches in the Big Ten have the greatest amount of respect for one another. Rarely do you see coaches jump ship from one team in the Big Ten to another and in comes this rookie hotshot wannabe coach and he takes advantage of a loophole that no other coach in the country wanted to exploit even after he did it successfully two consecutive times. Here's to hoping Bret B. learns some class in 2008.

Michigan State, Minnesota, Indiana and Northwestern should all have the same new year resolutions - WIN MORE GAMES.
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