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BallHype: hype it up! Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Just revealed at Rivals

A Big Ten football officiating team that came under scrutiny for its performance in two conference games last month was led by a crew chief with a history of bankruptcy, casino gambling, child abuse and allegations of sexual harassment, a Yahoo! Sports investigation has revealed.

He and his wife filed for bankruptcy in 2002 after the couple amassed $429,407 in liabilities, and two of the creditors were casinos.

• He allegedly has gambled at casinos as far back as the 1980s, and a sister-in-law said gambling losses incurred by Pamon and Pamon's wife led to the couple filing for bankruptcy.

• In 1997, he was charged with repeatedly beating three of his girlfriend's four sons with an electrical cord. He told authorities he beat the boys three times.

• He allegedly was fired by the Chicago Police Department in 1996 after two female officers accused him of sexual harassment, according to published reports that cited law-enforcement officials as sources.

• One of Pamon's former wives accused him during a court hearing in 1994 of striking her and sexually assaulting her 19-year-old niece, according to court records.

This was the very crew that officiated the supposed controversial Penn State-Purdue game this year. After Joe Tiller filed a grievance with the Big Ten, the crew was supposedly suspended but later everyone found out they officiated the Ohio State - Illinois upset the following week. Even in that game, Jim Tressel pointed to several bad calls during the game. So much for that suspension. But while details are starting to unfold, it is no secret to Penn State fans that we have horrible officiating in the Big Ten (Yes, even in games we win, some of the crews are either blind or blatantly idiots). Big Ten policy is that they do their own background checks on the officiating crews, but as we have mentioned earlier, they can't even keep their word when they 'suspend' a crew, how trustworthy are they when they conduct their own 'investigations'. Hell even Michigan used ineligible players against Penn State this year which went unpunished (not that it would have made a difference, but rules are clearly more like guidelines in the Big Ten). But it is about time outside sources like Yahoo Sports are keeping an independent eye on whats really going on. They are also the ones who broke open the Reggie Bush story.

Glad to see the Big Ten putting their personnel to good use.

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