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Jay Pa Must Go!
BallHype: hype it up! Saturday, November 17, 2007
The Michigan State game was horrendous. How do you let a team come back from a 17 point deficit? How!? And with less than 10 seconds to go and you're on the 20 yard line with 80 yards to the end zone, WHY in hesus' name would you throw to short of the first down expecting it to go 80 yards to the end zone? There is just so many questions I can't answer simply because I've become brain dead watching this Penn State team led by (I honestly can say Morelli might be a more accurate version of Zack Mills with better receivers) and an obviously inept offensive coaching staff. Jay Pa Must go! Yes, I've said it, and I probably will keep saying it until it happens. Jay Pa must go.

But right now I need to watch some other team get their rear ends kicked in and focus my thoughts. I am SO glad the Morelli dynasty is over. I couldn't care less which bowl we may get into. Which by the way, we would have most likely ended up in the Alamo Bowl because Ohio State had beaten Michigan to grab the Rose. And with Illinois win, they have locked in the Capitol One bowl and that means the Outback Bowl (2nd in line to pick) would have to pick between a Michigan team that travels as well as Penn State or Penn State which already played there last year and their fans were outnumbered by Tennessee fans. So honestly, we would have been relegated to the Alamo Bowl even if we had beaten the Spartans and ended on a 9-3 record simply because we were unfortunate enough to be just as mediocre last year with Morelli. So it was a nice practice tune-up for the Alamo bowl, but this game would not have affected our bowl picture in any way despite what the television personalities kept repeating during the broadcast. With a 9-3 record, Nittany fans would have been louder in screaming for a New Years Day bowl but still wouldn't have gotten it. Now the fans will just be a little more quiet and plan their vacations in Texas this December (thats if you still want to see this Morelli team one more time before we bury it and throw away the key).

More analysis on the stunner to come, but I need an advil.
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