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A matchup for the ages...
BallHype: hype it up! Tuesday, February 19, 2008
This is it.
People waited, complained, fumed for weeks over this match up but the time has finally come for the two to face off.

Penn State vs. the crows

And you thought we were going to talk about some basketball game between the Coach Sanction led Hoosiers and Matt Painter's railroad crew.

But unfortunately for everyone else who does not live in Indiana, there is another battle raging of epic proportions.

Clumpy, well-smeared bird droppings are just about everywhere at the northeast corner of East College Avenue and South Allen Street.

They started to fall like a daily shower sometime early last month. For reasons unknown, hundreds of crows began roosting in the trees there at night.

So far, they haven’t stopped. But they have left their mark — slippery and wet under foot, streaked across public benches and street lamps, a foul topping for new-fallen snow.

So what is deal ol State going to do about these foul mannered rivals invading Happy Valley?

OPP crews for the past few weeks have used power washers to scrub the
sidewalks clean. They also deployed biological cleaning agents to “remove debris and reduce odor,” Ruskin said. Penn State’s pest-fighting contractor, Terminix, is expected to deploy a thermal fogger over several days. The device sounds like a leaf blower and pumps out a nontoxic fogging agent, Ruskin said. He said it won’t hurt the crows but that “we hope to annoy them enough that they go away.”

Is there a more toxic version we can place in front of the football offices and 'fog out' Jay Paterno? There you have it, either Penn State will finally beat a pesky rival or we will continue to be held hostage by these beasts in the trees.

Before I go, I'm actually going to throw my premature support in favor of Indiana between the two rivals tonight. First of all, Indiana could use a pick me up. The Spartan win was good, but a win tonight means so much more. If Indiana manages to put away the Boilermakers late in the fourth, the Hoosier faithful will roar their approval to epic proportions if only just to vent off all the frustration they have felt over the past two weeks. I'm talking when Duke last played at Assembly Hall loud. I've visited Assembly Hall last year for the final home game against Penn State last year and the venue and its fans are a sight to behold. Unlike Michigan Stadium's uppity full of themselves fans, or the hell hounds of Ohio State, Indiana fans treated us with respect and even laughed when we tried to be rowdy. There's just no price you can put on classy fans these days. So for that, I have become a Hoosier fan second to Penn State and I shall be rooting for them to beat the Boilers tonight and carry the Big Ten's banner into the tournament.
posted by Nittany White Out @ 2:32 PM  
  • At February 20, 2008 at 12:54 PM, Blogger TomStarling said…

    Crows roosting in any area frequented by humans is not just pesky, it is a health and safety hazard. Over 60 diseases, some of which are potentially fatal, are transmitted to humans through bird droppings. Power-washing the sidewalks is a good start, but it is only a temporary solution. There are many humane and environmentally safe products that will eliminate the crows want to roost near the campus; therefore allowing the crows and their droppings to be defeated.


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