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So Long Morelli
BallHype: hype it up! Sunday, November 18, 2007
Congratulations to Indiana and Michigan State for becoming bowl eligible for the first time in a long while. We know how it feels to be successful coming off horrible stretches of seasons (2005 was memorable). And also to Ohio State for dominating the team up north for the fourth time in a row. I know Penn State has an 8 game losing streak and all to that team up north, but they aren't really our rivals, we just find them more annoying and a guaranteed loss in seasons we play them, but couldn't feel any worse about it at this point. But it must really suck to be dominated for 4 straight years by a real rival. I'm not putting jabs, but I'm just imagining losing to Pittsburgh for 4 straight seasons, man there would be riots.

But only more angry venting Before we analyze the Michigan State game, which in retrospect they thoroughly outplayed us in the second half because we once again went conservative and did the infamous soft prevent-like bend but don't break defense. Common, even I can break the zone defense on the Xbox, don't you think an accurate passer like Hoyer could rip us apart? But aside from that heres my take on Morelli.

THANK GOD HE IS GONE. I know theres a good chance I'll regret saying that if for some reason our quarterback next year which seems to be Clark at this point, turns out to be even more inaccurate and inept than Morelli and we end up with Zack Mills 4-7 era seasons again, but at least I'll know early on in the season that we'll be consistently bad. Morelli has the swagger of a Heisman quarterback yet makes decisions like a drunk chick at a fraternity party. Why would you throw 4 straight passes into the end zone when you are on the 20 where you can pick up another first down and get 4 more shots at it with just less than 2 minutes to go in the game? Why would you, knowning you only have 1 play to run, throw a short-of-the-first-down-line pass (down the middle no less) with 80 yards ahead of you to the end zone? Even if you did complete it, you have no timeouts and the clock runs.

Its decisions like this that has defined this player's (I can barely even call him a quarterback) career at Penn State. He is the only quarterback to ever silence a raucous night crowd at Beaver Stadium. If the game was on the line and you had to drive down the field for even a field goal to win or tie the game, you know deep down inside, Morelli is not the guy to do it. You pray, you hope and you rub on your rabbit's foot until you wear it out, but you know already even before he takes the field on offense, that it will either be a 3 and out, overthrown pass, interception, sack or a combinations thereof. Oh and of course, a fumble if he decides to use his 6.2 speed running 10 yards for a first down. You know as well as I do, if we are holding onto a 3 point lead and we have the ball with 2 minutes to go, there is little to no chance we are able to move the sticks enough with him to keep the other team's offense off the field. And after 2 seasons, all these have been true. Many have called Michael Robinson a playmaker, but I believe to Penn State he was more important as a leader. You see him on the sideline animated and talking to players, his supporting cast and keeping them hungry. Morelli goes three and out and struts back to his sideline and slumps onto the bench. No communication, and basically no leadership. I might not be down on the sideline within the midst of things, but it is clear that the receivers and Morelli do not have the chemistry Robinson and his receivers had. Yeah, I know Morelli broke the record for most pass completions and yards and what not. But when the majority of those completions are flats and screens (even he can't do those right overthrowing or underthrowing them), its nothing to cheer about. Even Zack Mills holds the record for the only player to throw, catch and run for a touchdown, but he will be remembered as a blemish in Penn State's lore.

I am glad this team has reached a bowl no matter which bowl it will be. It will give them 20 more practices to prepare for next year. But I beg you Joe Paterno, please let our starting quarterback the chance to start and play the entire bowl game. Morelli is done, his NFL stock is as popular as Enron, the only chance he might get drafted is if a team is desperate enough to want a powerful but inaccurate arm (wait the Dolphins might be looking). Because despite what the media says, Morelli can't be coached to throw better or use better mechanics. He just isn't smart enough. There I've said it, his tribal tattoo with his name on it is probably to remind himself what his name is when he gets drilled into the ground on a sack. Morelli is done and over with and I am glad I never have to see him again or have him ruin my Saturdays. We might end up with worse seasons in the years to come, but at least I'll see effort from other quarterbacks, more pride, more passion and hungry for a win. Goodbye Morelli and I'll see you at the nearest car dealership.
posted by Nittany White Out @ 7:01 AM  
  • At November 21, 2007 at 11:47 PM, Blogger Owner of said…

    This is soooo true! We will be glad to see Morelli go next year. He was so unpredictable this year and he gave away wins to some bad teams this year. We could've taken Michigan, maybe Ohio, and definitely Michigan State had he been more consistant under pressure. I'm sure his Dad had to talk to the press again after the loss at Michigan State. What a loser! At least we will have a QB next year with a GPA higher than a chimpanzee. If only Morelli were involved with the Austin Scott ordeal than we would have finished the season strong. Too bad......

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